Supercharge your focus and productivity.

Samay automatically tracks where your time goes and gives you useful insights that help you improve productivity, build better work habits, without sacrificing your data privacy.

Do you struggle with distractions and wasted time?

Have you ever thought to yourself, “where did my day go”?

Do you want to find your optimal productivity rhythm?

Samay can help.

Not only will you be able to better understand where you’re already spending your time, but you’ll also start making better and more informed decisions than ever before.

Rethink your time management in order to build better work habits and get automated support from an intelligent time tracking app that streamlines your day into the most effective workflow.

Your Fully Automated, Personalized Productivity Assistant

You Don’t Need To Do Anything For Samay To Start Working

Samay is a completely automatic productivity assistant. This means it offers you intuitive insights and automatically adds projects and time entries on your behalf. If you’re working on multiple projects – no problem! Samay can detect what you’re working on and proactively switch between projects whenever you need to. It’s true – your search for the best app for productivity ends here.

Gain Invaluable Insight Into How You Spend Your Time

Samay Will Help You Discover Where Your Time Is Being Used Or Wasted

Improving your time management and boosting your productivity are crucial – but you can only start the process of fixing these things once you know what’s broken. In other words, we need to understand how you are currently using your time and what’s compromising your ability to stay productive. Enter Samay, here to automatically track where your time is going and send helpful insights on how to elevate your productivity, shape better work habits, and more – all without compromising your data privacy.

Samay will automatically categorize your daily work activity to tell you how much time you spend doing what. This includes how long you were able to focus, how long you were distracted, and even how much time you spent on meetings and messaging (amongst a whole host of other information!).

Boost Your Productivity Today!

Samay Helps You Understand What Works For You, And What Doesn’t

Samay allows you to build better work habits by understanding what it is that makes you more productive (and what keeps you distracted). Discover when your most productive hours are, how often you do context switching, how many times you let social media rob you of precious minutes, and what it is that actually makes up the bulk of your day (the answer might surprise you…).

Build better work habits

Build Better Work Habits That You Can Maintain Forever

Samay helps you fight burnout. Schedule automatic regular breaks. Helps you set goals, review it and analyze before your work schedule ends.Get optional notification when you are overworking or distracted.

The app that can trusted for life

Privacy Is Paramount

We respect your privacy without exception. The Samay app ensures that your data is encrypted and stored directly on your computer. It also never leaves your computer. You get powerful time and activity tracking without any privacy concerns. Why is this important? Read more